track your work experience.

remember your accomplishments.

Build a library of your skills and experience that you can reference when preparing for a performance review or a new job application.

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With Hippokite, you log all your work experience and skills in detail in a structured format that you can easily be resurfaced later. This way you don't have to scratch your head wondering what you accomplished in the past or what the specific details were.

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Frequently Asked Q's

When will the next version of Hippokite be ready?

I am currently aiming for June/July 2020.

How much does Hippokite cost?

The one-month beta program is free to participate in, so try it out 😊! After the last round of the beta program, the goal is to charge for this service. The pricing has not been decided yet.

How is my privacy being addressed?

The data we receive from you as part of the service is securely stored and will not be published or shared in any way. If at any point you would like to have any of the stored data deleted, you can request this.


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